On behalf of Marshall’s employees GDR have sent the following document, to different organizations in order to show irregularities in the company that, mostly, refugees are victims of.

The article was published by Cape Argus on the 17th September 2013. the matter is still pending.




Dear Honorable Authorities in the presidency of the Republic of South
Africa as well as the Western Cape government Authorities and others.

The Management Committee of the Group for the Defense of Refugee
Rights(G.D.R),which is registered non profit organization by the Department
of Social Development,with registration number:097-701-NPO,would like
kindly to inform and lodge a complain on behalf of the Street Parking
Solutions against Mr ZUNADE LOGHDEY,the Boss of the compagny here in Cape
In 2009,the Street Parking solutions employed  south african cityzens and
some foreigners.
The employees have started with a contract of 23.5 percents out of the
revenue of  what they make a day.
After three weeks time,the Street Parking Solutions Boss has fired all
Cityzens and employed new people which are foreigner nationals and let them
sign the same contract.
They started to work with a daily target,which means at the specific area
with an  amount of money to pay.
After the working time during the cash up,the manager started to ask them:
How much money did you make on top of your target?
Every day, the manager was writing done  the amount of tips each one have
to get after work and when month end,they are telling them,the extra money
you guys did collect as tips  for the whole month,is your salary.
The employees did not agree,but they was no way for them to complain
because,it was the beginning of the job,and the Boss of the company started
to intimidate them by saying that:If you start to complain,i will Chase all
of you away.The foreigners employees could not do nothing because some of
them was afraid to loose the job on beginning of the contract.
After two years the company employed again some South African
Cityzens,foreigners employees were thinking maybe the Boss will gonna start
to respect what is written in the contract(find attached page agreement of
the 23.5 percents),but the situation remains unchanged.
The majority of the employees did join right now SATAWU,union which is
affiliate to COSATU so that they can sort them out according to the law.
Their Boss all these years was trying to silence them,by saying that:Do not
speak out about the company,which means they was not aloud to stand for
their rights as workers even there is something wrong the way company was
managing them.
If the Management Committee of the Group for the Defense of Refugee Rights
decided to inform the Authorities of South African Government,because we
received this complain in our office,and one of the manager of the Street
Parking Solutions Mr Joseph,which is also a foreigner told the workers:You
guys you are wasting your time,there is nothing you can do,the Boss already
buy the law,there is no office here in South Africa,were you can report him.
That is why the Group for the Defense of Refugee Rights(G.D.R),kindly call
upon the South Africa Government to react accordingly to deal with those
who are friends of corruption and those Bosses who are breaking the laws.
We did received a number of 123 workers including the Cityzens who came to
lodge this complain to our office.
The case is open at the CCMA,here is a case n:WECT14036-13.
Dear honorable Authorities,kindly find attached documents:
Newspaper and one page of the contract.

Thank you Dears honorable Authorities for your time.
Kind regards.

On behalf of the Street Parking Solutions workers,
Management Committee of the Group for the Defense of Refugee Rights(G.D.R).
Gil Tshitamba Alex,Chairperson.

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  1. Eric

    Sad ,always sad stories when it come to Congolese societies . By the luck of structure and unity, where it require the most makes us very weak to prevail. Congolese as start that business on the street of Cape town several years ago, Today ????

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