Portrait du prof Bellon Rolland Mawanda



Bellon Rolland Mawanda was born  in November 15, 1966 in Kinshasa (The Democratic Republic of Congo). He completed the high school studies in literature, studied Philosophy  and letters at ISPL. He is Graduated in English languages and Literature (Kinshasa – UCT).  He started his carrier as Professor of English and Philosophy in the Democratic Republic of Congo, than English Teacher at “The Young Leader’s School” in Kinshasa. He worked also as Translator and interpreter in different departments in the D.R.C. English Teacher at Progresso School in Luanda(Angola ). Translator and Interpreter at the US Embassy  in Luanda (Angola  ). Sworn  Translator at the Western Cape High Court, Republic of South Africa. Director of the Rossignol House of Hope (N.P.O).

“I am not on top, but I  am trying to give something to this material world. I would like people to talk about  me because in literature, it is not good to describe your own style.”  Bellon

“I faced difficulties in Cape Town. Oh! Muizenberg, never will I forget about you. You helped me when I needed you. I am not afraid to express it out that I suffered when I came here. There is no bad job. I had to work security job in order to find a bread and to pay  the rent…Now I am proud to work for the Rossignol House  of Hope. The Rossignol  has a good platform and willing to assist those who are in need.”


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