Rossignole House of Hope



Language is the main key to integration in the society. Many people, newcomers  in South Africa, are stacked because of not speaking English and they would love to find an institution  that could help them maximize the leaning in a short period of time.  Congo Square News have found an NGO, Rossignol House of Hope, that is helping people to speak English in a short term of leaning.

The following interview gives the clear insight of what is the Rossignol House of Hope

CSN: Explain in few words what the Rosignol House of Hope is all about?

Bellon: The Rossignol House of Hope is a Non- Profit Organization based in Cape Town. We are dealing with Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Migrants and Local citizens. We provide  free English courses, computer literacy and other kinds of assistance. We promote social cohesion and cultural diversity into the community. We do have many activities which give nice opportunity to people to progress easily in life. The Rossignol House of Hope is a good platform to those who are in need.

CSN: What makes the Rosignol House of Hope a unique center of English different from other centers?

Bellon: We have a good and practical methodology. We introduced American English to our students. We teach them from Monday to Friday. We help our students to speak and write English in a very short period of time. We motivate them and show them how English is a key to the integration into the community. We develop harmony and push them to love English

CSN: We’ve heard from some witnesses that your students could be able to speak English in a short term of learning. What methods are you using?

Bellon: That is a good question. Our Teachers   have

students to practice in class. We teach them not only to speak English but also to teach others. We motivate them and push student to stand in front of the class and tell the stories. At the end of the day, each (student) must explain and tell what part of the lesson he (she) understood. We give them more time to practice; and the teacher will correct mistakes. The more they practice, the cleverest they become. We keep on telling them: “Practice makes perfect.”  You know what? Let me tell you something. Our students start speaking American English as from one month.  That is why our school has a good credibility. This is our secret.

CSN: How many students have been graduated at The Rosignol House of Hope since you began to operate in 2011?

Bellon: July- December 2011, twenty-five students were graduated. January-June 2012, thirty-five students were graduated. July –December 2012 thirty-nine students were graduated. January –June 2013, twenty-eight students were graduated. And we still have those to come out.

CSN: How many English levels do you have?

Bellon: we do have 3 intensive levels.

CSN: Would you describe, in terms of nationality, the kind of students you receive in your institution?

Bellon: we have different students from Libya, Northern and Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tunisia, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Angola, Thailand, Gabon, Cameroun, Burundi, Tanzania, South Africa, etc…

CSN: How many people are working in the Rossignol House of Hope?

Bellon: We have four people working. We have Bellon Roland Mawanda ( Director), Pierrot  Yamba  Kalambayi ( Supervisor), Albert  Nkulu ( Secretary) and Patrick Djibril ( Maintenance).

CSN: Do you have any support from donors?

Bellon: Wow! That’s a good question. You know what? We are operating without any support. We are writing and extending the request to donors but until now, no positive result  from them. But I know, one day donors will come. We know that time will tell. Where there is a will, there is always a way. Courage is a virtue of success.  God will send them. We are confident.

CSN: What are your perspectives for the future?

Bellon: We are working so hard to see the Rossignol to be known throughout the Republic of South Africa. And our vision is to see the Rossignol becoming an international  organization. The Rossignol must  respond to the humanitarian needs. God willing, many people will be assisted by the Rossignol. This is our motto: “ Thinking Hard and Working Together”

CSN: A part from teaching English, what other courses or services are you delivering?

Bellon: We have computer literacy, Call Center, Outreach programs, Referrals for social needs, Promotion of Voluntary.  Workshop on HIV Awareness and Management Course along with Refugees in general.  Peer Education Program.

CSN: How to contact you?

Bellon: We are at 37 The Strand Building. Strand Street. Room 506.  P.O. Box: 1317. Cape Town 8000.



Tel : 0027.21. 4249393. Fax: 0862392880. Cell: 0027. 728263204. Website:   e-mail:>>>good teachability. We give more time to our


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