The serious issue of the two Congos


Since few weeks, the Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville) has decided to deport illegal residents originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo Kinshasa). This deportation generated into insane atrocities such as undressing and torturing women and man, raping women and killing some people. It was not anymore a deportation, but an AFROFOBIA that should be condemned.

People were expecting from the two governments to condemn and stop the atrocities, but surprisingly they kept quiet as if nothing was happening. According to our sources, they even threatened the Medias to focus on the matter.

Congolese people (from the DRC) in Diaspora took the matter seriously, and decided to go very far. The Congolese Community of Western Cape in Cape Town started some actions to stop J. Kabila and D. Sassou Ngueso to participate to a democratic activity in South Africa, also to tell the world about the violence against the congolese (from the DRC) in Brazzaville.

They have sent to the Minister in the presidency, to the media and to the civil society’s organizations a memorandum and a collection of images of those atrocities.


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