Anathi Busakwe


“Our people had long been forbidden to own land even outside so called White areas, Millions of our people woke up one day soon after land Act of 1913 with out any land of their own, they had to leave their sharecropper shacks in droves and were forced into rural  Getto’s referred to as “home land”, the land set aside for Africans to buy food consisted of small holdings often with water supply and poor soil, those who had been living there for centuries could do so because the land was unsuitable for White farming”.ChpE’SKIA MPAHLELE  

By AnathiBusakwe



In 1994 Africans in South Africa achieved their independency from Colonial rule of White Supremacy, Former President Nelson Mandela became the first Black president after serving twenty seven years in Prison, quoting his promise “There will be Jobs creation that will end poverty amongst the people”. Soon after elections South Africa became every one’s country of the World‘s biggest Corporates, because of business opportunities for well established individuals and its cheap labor Methods that left Black people Shameless and the rich wealthier. Even today black folks are the third class and working citizens of the country. Democracy became a horrible nightmare for the majority, landlessness is the permanent condition of the oppressed and dispossessed of South Africa mean while present Government deliver too much promises instead of giving land to rightful owners, when they want peoples votes they always remind us of great achievement of 1994,  you hear Government  officials addressing the State that land has been given to people, ignoring the fact that people had lost theirhope long time and  their statement is tasteless, if blacks own their land how could we die of poverty?. South Africa is well known as one of the richest land in Africa that produces best Natural resources in the world, but how could indigenous people been so poor?. One could be excused for believing that our government is made of the deaf, It repeats same mistakes even after being advised otherwise, instead of acting as a yeast to boost nation as the whole, they form bands of gangs exploiting grievances of Masses for their own benefit, Some fruits of freedom are sweet some still to come,they own mines, Million dollar trust funds and Big Co-operations while their fellow people kept in burning hell. Anglo American gold mine is calling his slave over the Media to come back to work after Marikana massacre, where 34 people were killed by more than 100 brutal police force , who sets fire on mine workers who carry cardboard sings with their demands, all they want is for the lowest paid miners to get decent wages to feed their families, suddenly the victims were portrait as criminals, Government officials said to cover their statement one mine worker shoots first two policemen men so that was the reason why they killed 34 of them, what about the murders they came out of court smoking their pipes, until today no one of them had faced consequences. South African democracy seemed irreversible for now, land question is not the issue anymore, today indigenous people of the country are refugees in their Mother land, everyone is hunting job for survival, those who suppose to create jobs for themselves finds them bugging the same slave Master whom he already over thrown. This land is the gift from our Ancestors, if someone took from you it’s like preventing the baby on sucking Mother’s breast, Africans in Africa need to come to Self-realization and understand that if something was taken from you by force you toke it back by force rather than giving other chick, Freedom is land, so we can again practice our religion and culture.

Land First All shall follow.


The Artist is rebelling against disorder, Don Mattera relates the bulldozing of the last houses in Sophia Town in 1960


The Sun stood still

In the sullen wintry sky

A witness

To the impeding destruction

Armed with bulldozers

They came

To do a job nothing more

Just hired killers

 We gave way

There was nothing we could do

Although the bitterness stung in us

In the place we know to be part of us

And Earth around

Slowly, painfully slow

Clumsy crushers crawled

Over the firm pillars into the rooms

That held us

And the roof that covered our heads

We stood

Dust clouded our vision

We held back our tears

It was over in minutes


Kofi Awonoor from Ghana is urging us to go back and restore the Ancestral shrines, to return to for purification, he says that he is not only talking to elite, but also to the men in the street who may be tempted to aspire to elitism.


Night of the Blood


Did they whisper to us the miracles of time

Telling us over the dark waters

Where we came from? Did they

Call us unto themselves

With the story of time and beginning ?

We sat in the shadow of our ancient trees

While the waters of the land washed

Washed against our hearts,

Cleansing, Cleansing

The Purifier sat among us

In sackcloth and ashes,

Bearing on himself the burdens

Of these people

Sew the old days for me, my fathers, sew them that I may

Wear them for the feast that is coming,

The feast of the new season that is Coming

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