Black shades of Tears and Hope


This book was written by Nicole Mampuya and published the 16th September 2014.
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More often we are unaware of many real things that are happening in this world since we haven’t been exposed. Now a day people are pleased to hear stories of others (hardships) and say; shame! , then go to sleep, without a human act of compassion sometimes.  Obviously no one can save the entire world except the power of love. However, everyone can do something to a soul in need since it’s never too late to help though every human being has its own challenge. We can stretch out our arms and extent our generosity to those in serious need and preserve the flame of their hope, so is important not be extinguished.

Black shades of tears and hope is a humanitarian endeavor and  has been  a platform  on its own where asylum seekers,  refugee  and black African living in south Africa expressed themselves freely about what are the kind of life that they are living, share life experiences and finally present their petitions to the world while they stood in good hope.

-This book is composed mainly of eight stories from refugees and asylum seekers living in South Africa being interviewed by Nicole. They are from African countries like Somalia, Democratic republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Rwanda,   and so on.

– Beautiful drawings.

-Poetry (mixture of French and English)

Black shades of tears and hope explain growing up in Africa, African’s hope and aspirations. This book talks about childhood in Africa, reasons to seek refuge elsewhere, the trip’s ways, the kind of life lived in the refugee land, experiences gained out there then present their petitions to the world.