Press Statement of the Congolese Community of Western Cape



The Congolese Community of Western Cape regrets and condemns the triggers of Afrophobic violence on black African foreigner living in Durban in general and the Congolese people in particular.

One will notice that just after the comment made by King Goodwill Zwelithini at a moral regeneration rally in Pongola calling for a deportation of foreigners from South Africa few weeks ago, a spreading of Afrophobia outbreaks on foreigners had begun, and Congolese people seems to be the target in this  unfortunate violence.

However, we disagree with Mr Edward Zuma, suggesting that South Africa was sitting on a ticking time bomb of foreigners taking over the country, by reminding him that being foreigner does not make one to be viewed as illegal, criminal, or subjected to unhuman conditions.

It will be wrong to suggest that all foreigners are illegal in South Africa and are taking jobs from South African citizens while many foreigners are contributing to the growth of the country in legal conditions.

Although we respect the view of King Goodwill Zwelithini and Edward Zuma, we have to reiterate that South Africans are also foreigners in some part of the world for many reasons, and are not treated as such.

We condemn the death of Congolese Citizen who was set alight while on duty by four unknown persons on 16 March 2015 in Durban, and hope that justice will be done.

While it’s uncertain when this event will end, we urge all Congolese living in South Africa to desist from any dispute or quarrel in public space such as train, taxi and possess all contact details of nearest police stations for any emergency.

In the process of seeking justice for this Afrophobia attacks that still continuing, we will lodge a formal complaint with the Human Right Commission of South Africa in due course.


Leonard Mulunda


CCWC Spokesperson

Tel: 021 828 9459


Cell: 078 744 75 02



A MASS GRAVE discovered in Maluku, a suburb in Kinshasa


421 people were buried overnight in a cemetery on March 19 Maluku.

For most of the people the hypothesis of a mass grave used by the Red Cross is to be rejected, Why?

According to this image

The first image shows how the Red Cross buries,

The second and third image shows how the military are mass graves.

The Red Cross buried in daylight in the presence of witnesses, the soldiers bury the bodies discreetly.

The Congolese government appeared divided on the matter of exhumation of the bodies discovered in Maluku. Interior Deputy Prime Minister, Evariste Boshab, first raised the possibility of exhumations, in case of doubt. But on Monday, the Communications Minister Lambert Mende, closed the door, opposing to such operation.