A dream to interpret dreams

the impossible made possible 019(1)

What a better place to launch ones’ books than a library? Saturday, August 29, saw Isaac Kinzambi, a Kongolese motivational, inspirational speaker and community organizer, chose the Cape Town library for the launch of his two books: Déjà vu and the impossible made possible.

It was a relaxed occasion with about 30 people in attendance. Guest speaker, Francois le roux, motivational speaker and life coach, empowered the audience with words meant to make them find what they love doing in life and how to succeed doing it. Afterward the man of the moment; Isaac Kinzambi, electrified the audience with energy and passion about his journey from the impossible to the possible. The session lasted about an hour with questions from the audience, and then the actual buying and signing of the books.

It was a motivational launch and very encouraging for any body who wants to venture into anything. The author will be giving free motivational workshops in October and a seminar on making the impossible possible. ”My dream is to interpret others dream’ said the author to Congo Square news. Please check him on social media to follow his work.


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