16 February 2016, A Memo was dropped to the South African parliament by the Congolese Civil society of the Congolese Diaspora in Cape Town

OT Mulombo


To close the march organized by the Civil Society for the Congolese Diaspora (CSCD) in Cape Town on the 16th February 2016, a memorandum of three pages was read and dropped by Olivier Kalenga, one of the member of the organization. After explaining the context of the  event six points was clearly stated to express the aspiration of the Congolese people:

1- The respect of the constitution of the democratic Republic of Congo. This implies clearly

that the current president of the DRC, Mr. Joseph Kabila Kabange, is not eligible for the

third term.

2- The organization of the presidential and legislative elections within the constitutional


3- The respect of Human Right, especially the respect of freedom of expression in our


4- The cease of fights in the East side of our Country.

5- The release of all political and activist prisoners.

6- The respect of the principles of different agreements (Lusaka, Adis Ababa,…)

The Civil Society for the Congolese Diaspora in South Africa insisted that

“If negotiation is needed, then the respect of the constitution has to be the first principle.”; and believes that “if the involvement of the South Africa government is extended to other African countries that have the same situation like our country by following the aspirations of the people, many lives will be saved, much chaos in Africa will be avoided and the issues of immigration in Africa will take a positive new way forward.”

“While thanking South Africa for the input in the democratic process of our country, we still believe that South Africa could be at a great help in the stability of Africa if it uses its position to implement the need of people in the countries it is involved.” this was the closing message of the Memorandum.

The President of ACDP, Rev. KRJ MESHOE MP, insured the Congolese Civil Society that he will make sure the President of South Africa gets a copy and he will read some the paragraphs in the parliament.

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