Lawyers fo13178982_10153356764145771_1690661754616038177_nr Human Rights (LHR), supported by Praekelt Foundation and the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration from the United States launched on Thursday 28 April 2016, in Cape Town following Johannesburg (Thursday 05 May 2016),  a new, first-of-its-kind, mobile information service for non-nationals living in South Africa called Help@hand.

Non-nationals living in South Africa face a number of ongoing challenges, such as, xenophobia and access to basic services like health facilities and education. These challenges have been a huge concern to LHR, such that they continue to provide free legal services to vulnerable and marginalized non-nationals to ensure that their constitutional rights in South Africa are upheld and understood.

Help@hand is a new, important and necessary mobile information service which will provide non-nationals with a way to stay informed about their legal rights in South Africa and also provide a platform to report any issues they may be facing.

Help@hand will provide non-nationals with information on permits, health, education and unlawful arrest. It also will allow users to report corruption, xenophobia and unlawful arrest. Help@hand is accessible from all feature phones, is available in four different languages (English, Kiswahili, Somali and French) and is a low-cost service. While Help@hand is not an emergency service, it is an easy and convenient way for non-nationals to access information and report violations regarding their legal rights in this country.

The mobile service will be launched also in Durban on the 12th May 2016 . For more information contact Kayan Leung or Stella Longwe of Lawyers for Human Rights.

Tel: (011) 339 1960

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