Moïse Katumbi, a candidate to the 2016 presidency in DRC

Moïse Katumbi Chapwe
OT Mulombo

Since Moïse Katumbi has declared officially  not being anymore  a member of the  Presidential Majority in the Democratic Republic of Congo,  series of scenario to get rid of him has followed.  He was first pushed to resign as a governor of the Katanga province followed by the suspension of  all his closest collaborators; then he was accused of  failing the governance  of the province.

The  latest came on the 4th May  2016. It is an allegation  accusing him of recruiting  mercenaries.  Informed about the situation, the minister of Justice Thambo Mwamba, authorized an urgent enquiry while the police was unsuccessfully surrounding the 5th May 2016 Katumbi’s residence in order to arrest him.  An alert message was spread over the social networks that made Congolese people awake.

The question is Why only Moïse Katumbi, and why only now?



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