The victims of the last massacre of Beni. Please Visit the facebook page “BENI DRC” to see what it was like.  Peace and Justice is needed in DRC!

By Kyavaghendi Baudouin, on the 26th May 2016


The vigilance of the primary sovereign Beni gives himself no rest. The image is against that of a killer of civilians in Beni, the population has captured this Thursday, May 19, 2016. The evidence of this criminal continues to confirm the information that the indigenous have continued to deliver on the real identity of people who turned Beni territory in human slaughter.
This thief confesses: “I am Rwandan. I was recruited in Masaka, Uganda. Those who negotiated me made me believe that there is a job, a mission in Congo (R.D.C). They guaranteed me that I will be paid a monthly salary of four hundred dollars ($ 400 US) … “It is a Rwandan refugee who was originally attached to Nakivale refugee camp in Isingiro District, adjacent to the Masaka and Mbarara. Following this popular interrogation, the criminal was taken to security officials. Now we can understand why the population of Beni has persisted in exposing his killers are from Rwanda and Uganda, there is an indigenous extermination plan and occupancy project or Balkanization started unbeknownst to the Congolese.

Perhaps the testimony of the population reporting punctually as the killers often operated using language Kinyarwanda was not enough to convince their Rwandan identity. But today what resistance could we oppose this truth, when intercepted killer has the courage to personally accountable for his Rwandan identity? Therefore, the Congolese government no longer has the right to continue to fool opinions by a presumption of language – a clear sign of abdication of its responsibilities -; because there is too much with the term “suspected ADF / NALU” deliberately forged to keep awareness of the truth.
The Congolese population as a whole is looking forward to international investigations demanded by the local community of Beni-Lubero, in order to establish the share of each of responsibility in the massacres that eliminated innocently so many lives.

French Version: Ce n’est pas une illusion ! Trois sources se trouvant dans la haute sphère politique et sécuritaire du Rwanda ont tenu à alerter les services de Beni-Lubero Online à Kigali et à Gisenyi d’une menace d’utilisation des armes de destruction massive que le Rwanda a décidée d’engager contre la population congolaise du Nord-Kivu. Concrètement,

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