Appeal to stand for, Sephora Biduaya, the brave woman leader imprisoned in Goma.

Sephora Astrid Bashiya Biduaya
Sephora Astrid Bashiya Biduaya

While around the world women are coming strong in politics to bring up change, in the Democratic Republic of Congo women involving in politics precisely in the opposition party are experiencing a nightmare. The recent case is in Goma where Sephora Astrid Bashiya Biduaya, a woman leader of the opposition party UDPS, was arrested in the aftermath of the demonstrations of December 19, 2016 marking the end of the second and last constitutional term of Joseph Kabila. She has been languishing for five months in prison. Her mental, physical and moral state are deteriorating day by day, as alerted today her family and her political party UDPS.

Sephora Astrid Bashiya Biduaya in a critical condition.

She is not alone in this condition; Eleven other young people from the Rally for Political and Social Forces who have been arrested with her are still staying in the same Central Prison in Goma; and this, without any judgment to this day, said L’Objectif  recalling Christian Lumu who mentioned that Six other young men and women of the Kinshasa Progressive Force, including Heritier Bongwalanga Bopoko, have also been in prison since the last demonstrations in the capital.

Is it a crime to stand for what is right?

OT Mulombo 

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