Democracy is at risk in the Congolese Community living in South Africa

Since they have been in South Africa, Congolese people always try to gather in order to debate why democracy is not promoted in their own country, the DRC ; they also try to find strategies to influence the regime change. Some are using the diplomacy, others are going by violence, developing a set of sanctions to impose any organisation or individual who has direct connection with the power or any activity that is intending to disturb the focus of the people on the regime change.

It is to ask at the same times if those who are claiming to defend the imple-mentation of democracy in their own country are respecting its principles or are living up to those principles out of their country ?remy3

Democracy as a system of government in which a country’s political leaders are chosen by the people in regular, free, and faire elections, has universal principles that cannot be compromised in any how. In terms of citizens’ rights,

Everyone has the right to have their own beliefs, including religious beliefs, and to say and to write what they think ;

Everyone has the right to seek different sources of information and ideas ;

Everyone have the right to associate with other people and to form and join organisations of their own choice, includ-ing trade unions ;

Everyone have the right to assemble and to protest government actions ;

However, these rights have to be exer-cised peacefully, respecting the law and the right of others.

Unfortunately here in South Africa the right to seek different source of informa-tion and ideas, which the country pro-motes, seams not to be respected in the Congolese community since a minority group of people have decided to deprive the whole community for organising any kind of conferences that debates on the current political situation in the DRC ; they go to many threatening extends that make the majority of Congolese to not express themselves by fear.

How to expect change in the DRC while it is difficult to respect the basic rights of democracy while living in a democratic country like South Africa ?

«coming from a dictatorship country, we should start to learn how south African are leaving their democracy ; this is the only way we can carry something valu-able to our country when we get the chance to go back.» said a 35 year old Congolese women when asked about what Congolese could gain from living in South Africa.

South African authorities should be con-cerned when democracy is at risk in any community that the country hosts and come up with some resolutions that could hep solve the problem. Indeed real assistance is needed in the Congolese community regarding democracy.

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