Prisca Kamaria Zaleka, Miss Congo South Africa 2016, an inspiring Congolese young woman.

-Mg4_cnS_400x400Sanele Zokufa

Prisca Kamaria Zaleka Khoza is a 26-year-old young woman that was born in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo which was formally known as Zaire. She was born in 1991 and was raised in Mbinza, until her family decided to relocate to South Africa in April 1999. She has now lived in Johannesburg for the past 18 years and has obtained a South African citizenship. She spent most of her early primary years moving from school to school until she eventually settled in Malvern primary up until she completed grade school. The boarding house of the grade school was situated only a few blocks away. She then started high school at Bed-fordview High where she also did her metric. Prisca is now doing LLB at the univer-sity of South Africa. She goes by many nick names such as Leka (which is pro-nounced as lee-kha), Kammy and the recently added one, Miss, which she got after winning Miss Congo SA in December 2016. She de-scribes winning Miss Congo SA as being be-yond anything she had ever dreamt of. She says its a happiness no words can ever describe. The young lady went on to say that it means a lot for her to represent or rather stand for her country and giving everything she has to bring a community together away from home. “I have no greatest achievement, I’ll forever strive to be a better version of me and ac-complish greater things than this. “she said when asked what her greatest achieve-ment was. She also dreams of creating a programme for young adults from the ages of 17 to 25. A programme that will help this group of young individuals build their careers, job development and give life orientation. She hopes that the programme will be up and acting by this year early October. She would like to have in South Africa, with the help of the community, establish Congo Houses by the end of next year. Everywhere around the world these houses exist to take in migrants and refu-gees however in South Af-rica, a country that has taken in more refugees from the DRC compared to the rest of the world has no existing Congo Houses. The houses she has great faith of estab-lishing will be based in three cities, Cape Town, Johan-nesburg and Durban. It will have all the necessities a national house should have. One more thing she would like to do is to offer a Congo-lese Bursary given to three matriculants each year that will cover them throughout the years of their studies. “If it is God’s will, I’d prefer to unite the Congolese commu-nity above all” she said.

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